Hell Week(s), Begin

May 23, 2010 at 10:58 pm (Life)

So while I wait for Windows Phone Developers Tools to finish reinstalling itself, I figure I might as well write a post to kill time.

Hell Week – Part 1 starts approximately62 minutes from the time this post was posted.

Let’s count what I have in store for me for this week:

1. OOAD Lab (Written) Test

2. DSAG Lab Test

3. FOM Term Test

4. IntroMkg Term Test

5. Imagine Cup Awarding Ceremony

6. Windows Phone 7 “Rockstar Award” Category submission

7. OOAD Project submission

8. MS Office 2010 Launch @TP

9. Some stuff I forgot about

: (

Not alot, yeah.

But I’m barely prepared for all these 9 stuff.

Today was…… ok, I guess. NAAAAAAAH. It was hella boring.


I did learn some new stuff about C# and database, which I kinda admit was actually cool! Though you’ll probably beg to differ.

Programming is srs bsns.

Note to self:

“She makes me feel like it’s raining outside, and when the storm’s gone I’m all torn up inside.”

I am so happy right now.


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